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Elaine's Salon

About Us

Vintage Inspired

Elaine is my great aunt. I never met her but I have learned that she was a remarkable woman. Not only was she a blond beauty, she was a very smart woman with guts and drive that made her noticeable too many.

A self-starter businesswoman, Elaine accomplished a goal that no other woman had in her time. Cuba called to her and she went. Soon after, she became the first woman to own and run a nightclub casino in Havana. Her spirit lives on in many. A woman that set out to make her mark on the world accomplished so much while staying elegant, confident and bold.

Picture it…

“1940’s when woman had their hair done every week, nails freshly painted with skin that was properly cared for. It was the era of beauty and of woman making their way into the work force. Elaine is not only my great aunt, she is also a representaion of woman of glamor, smarts and timeless beauty.” -Robin

How Elaine’s Salon came about

Elaine’s Salon was born from looking through my grandmother’s scrapbooks.  A beautiful woman that is intriguing in photos, and a look in her eye that the camera only saw. My husband and I have had fun getting to know Elaine and at times it has been emotional. Elaine’s Salon is a tribute to her and to our family. Bringing her out of the scrapbooks and bringing her back to life is truly inspirational. It makes me work hard and to be sure that others feel a little of her too.