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Elaine's Salon

About Us

Vintage Inspired:

Elaine Townsend was not only my Great Aunt but also the inspiration behind Elaine’s Salon. I never met Elaine but her legacy lives every day in what you see and feel here at Elaine’s Salon. Before I share some of the things that make Elaine’s Salon unique and special, let me tell you a little about my Great Aunt Elaine Townsend.

Elaine was the ultimate gambling lady owning two casinos in Havana Cuba during the 1950’s. She became the only female gambling impresario in the world. By age 31, Elaine was managing the two hottest nightclub gambling halls in Cuba, Montmartre and the Jockey Club. These two swank casinos dominated the market during Elaine’s era and she was handling twice the business of her nearest rival. Her gambling interests in the Montmartre and the Jockey Club earned her a fortune to match her million-dollar figure.

Elaine brought energy and passion to her business and was quite the mover and shaker. Seven nights a week this tall demure beautiful blonde could be seen strolling gracefully among her dice and roulette tables. Her hallmark was a long ivory cigarette holder and an icy politeness that was befitting of a veteran gambler.

“I never gamble,” she would say in a gentle voice as she waved her cigarette. “I only invest in a sure thing.”

If Elaine were alive today she would be honored to see what we have built in her name. Her spirit lives on in the character of the salon from the vintage furniture to the classic artwork; from the saltwater taffy to the crystal candy dish; from the sweet smell of fresh flowers to the essential make up offered by these 21st century “Gambling Ladies”.  Elaine would truly appreciate the attention to detail within the salon, which collectively is the secret to the salon’s success.

Elaine would marvel at the diverse group of professionals who have claimed a stake in her namesake. Elaine’s staff are consummate professionals, each an entrepreneur in there own right, practicing the most up to date techniques of their trade. These modern day gambling ladies provide an atmosphere, which is both energizing and relaxing. There primary purpose is to ensure that each client has a unique and fulfilling experience every time they visit. Their goal, much like Elaine’s, is to create repeat business.

Come in and experience Elaine’s for yourself. Tickle your toes with some freshly painted color. Be bold and highlight the natural beauty of your hair.  Energize your skin with a relaxing facial.  Remember…”everyday is a great day at Elaine’s Salon”.