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Elaine's Salon


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11559 Cumberland Road
Suite 400
Fishers, Indiana 46037

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  • Donna_Bruggner1

    Donna Bruggner

    317-459-3894 or 317-594-0772 Ext #713
  • Robin_DeTrude

    Robin DeTrude

    317-407-3788 or 317-594-0772 Ext #712
  • Jessica_Gray

    Jessica Gray

    317-441-3709 or 317-594-0772 Ext #704
  • Anna_Leis

    Anna Leis

    317-979-4433 or 317-594-0772 Ext #711
  • Allison_Martin

    Allison Martin

    317-965-6954 or 317-594-0772 Ext #701
  • Louann_Merrell

    Louann Merrell

    317-753-0237 or 317-594-0772 Ext #710
  • photo

    Cindy Miller

    317-919-6347 or 317-594-0772 Ext #703
  • Wendy_Richert

    Wendy Richert

    317-775-1744 or 317-594-0772 Ext #706
  • IMG_1900

    Janie Ross

    317-443-3564 or 317-594-0772 Ext #705
  • Kelli_Smith

    Kelli Smith

    765-620-1053 or 317-594-0772 Ext #702
  • kari

    Kari Snyder

    317-332-3291 or 317-594-0772 Ext #707
  • IMG_5529s

    Mark Starnes

    317-373-9262 or 317-594-0772 Ext #708
  • Kathy_Whisler

    Kathy Whisler

    317-833-8380 or 317-594-0772 Ext #709